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  •  Make a habit out of writing. Set a specific time and stick to it. But remember that the muse is fickle. When that time no longer works, find another time and stick to it.
  • There's no secret formula. The secret is to find your own formula and work with it.
  •  Write as much as you can while the idea is still fresh and new. It'll start to rot and turn to dust when you hit that middle point, and then it's an uphill battle to finish.
  • When you're stuck DO NOT stop writing. Pick a new idea and work on it. Most times, it'll get you unstuck from that main project!

  • If a character can be easily substituted with another, then give him/her the ax and substitute him already.
  • A character is more than his/her stereotype!
  • A character can also be just his/her stereotype.
  • Goals. Motivation to achieve those goals. Conflict created from trying to achieve those goals.

  • If a scene isn't working right (or you just wanna take a break from the seriousness of it all) take your ipod/ipad/phone/recording-device-of-preference, read and record the scene (in a fake accent or funny voice if you prefer), then play back. The kinks will come out to the surface.
  • How I solve the problem of boring scenes:
    1) Add friend.  2) Add food.  3) Add furry animal.  4) Kill someone.

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