Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier

The Chocolate War
Author: Robert Cormier
Publisher: Laurel Leaf, 1986
Genre: YA
Rating: 2/5

Stunned by his mother's recent death and appalled by the way his father sleepwalks through life, Jerry Renault, a New England high school student, ponders the poster in his locker-Do I dare disturb the universe? Part of his universe is Archie Costello, leader of a secret school societ-the Virgils-and master of intimidation. Archie himself is intimidated by a cool, ambitious teacher into having the Virgils spearhead the annual fund-raising event-a chocolate sale. When Jerry refuses to be bullied into selling chocolates, he becomes a hero, but his defiance is a threat to Archie, the Virgils, and the school. In the inevitable showdown, Archie's skill at intimidation turns Jerry from hero to outcast, to victim, leaving him alone and terribly vulnerable.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Writer's Journal

The blogging world isn't new to me. I've been running a successful—or so I like to think—book reviewing blog for the past six months, and writing a post shouldn't be that hard for me.

But damn it, it is.

Because this time I won't just be writing about books, I'll be writing about myself, my opinions, and experiences as I work on my thesis for the Seton Hill University Writing Popular Fiction program. And writing about oneself is never easy.

So, I welcome you, random stranger, who have just stumbled in here into my writer's journal, where fantasy, imagination, silliness, and a desire to be a better writer can always be found in abundance.