Thursday, May 16, 2013

At the Movies: Star Trek Into Darkness

Movie: Star Trek: Into Darkness
Stars: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Benedict Cumberbatch
My Rating: 10/5 

I'm a new Trekkie, meaning my love for this is only from the Star Trek 2009 and this movie. Therefore I did not have any expectations of this Khan character or what his role was 'supposed' to be. All I knew is that Cumberbatch would be playing it and he'd be awesome. And he was.

Fun Fact: As a newbie Whovian I was proud of myself on recognizing Mickey...

What I loved~
The cripsness of the movie. Those first scenes in the twisler jungle (i have named it thus) were brilliant and from there on is amazing shot after amazing shot. The spaceships (new and old), the planet, the buildings, the fight scenes, the fucking gorgeous new warp graphics, everything was clean-cut and sharp.

Carol Marcus (Alice Eve). Sure, she's the new girl on the ship, and at first I was like nah she doesn't fit in. But by the end of the movie she more than proves herself capable of dealing and working with the Enterprise crew.

Bones (Karl Urban). His metaphors...oh dear lord.

Scotty (Simon Pegg). From being stranded on an ice planet, to head of engineering, to running missions solo, he can do it all. Scotty to the rescue!

Sulu (John Cho). He might not have the drive to be captain, but he sure can deliver a captain's speech like no other. I did miss his badass fencing skills though.

Chekov (Anton Yelchin). All he ever wanted was to relay messages and this new work he's assigned to is so not going to work. Poor Chekov :(

What I loved loved~
The tiny echoes to Star Trek (2009). Like Scotty yelling "Get down" or Bones standing by the captain seeking assurance. The music is the same epic one, and that sonar beep is still there. I liked the addition of the celular-device-thingy's beep, too.

Uhura (Zoe). No one can do pissed off like her and boy she will speak her mind. This girl is brave like no other and the boys totally respect that about her. She doesn't need saving, she can DO the saving! Though there's not much Spock x Uhura action, there was still some development there ;)

The 'Klingon fight' and the 'ship flight through the city fight' scenes. They aren't the only action scenes, but definitely the most notable ones. Again, all very sharp and crisp.

Spock x Khan running...Don't ask.

The Kirk x Spock bromance. Now this is the meat of the story, and let me tell you it is very juicy meat. These two do a lot of growing up and changing throughout this movie. I can't believe they made me cry! But yes, there I was tearing up because of their heart to heart moment.

Cumberbatch's flawless acting as Khan.

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